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October Tarot Reading


Out of a cloud of cannabis smoke, my inner guide comes forth to present the truth as plainly as possible. I asked my deck: What lesson must readers hold dear in their hearts this October?

The Queen of Swords has been pulled. She is seated upon her throne, clutching the blade she undoubtedly spent years studying as she casts a wary eye out onto her kingdom. Her left hand remains extended, perhaps in a display of altruistic offering, perhaps in challenge to an approaching challenger.

The suit of swords is the suit of intellect, reason and thought, often presenting challenges or hardships that must be navigated with a particular emotional tactfulness. The Queen of this suit is honest, witty and unwavering in her judgements. You can consider her to be the most punk of all the Queens in the Rider-Waite deck.

She reminds one to remain independent and impartial in their judgements, as there is no better evidence than experience itself. Rely upon your own observations, but ensure that these observations are not tainted with emotion. On this token, she can sometimes be perceived as brash, cold, stern, but her desire for frankness comes from a desire for true diplomacy.

She asks: have you been completely honest with yourself? Is your perspective tainted with emotion? What role is compassion playing in your decisions?

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