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Joanne Filan at the DC Comedy Loft


Joanne Filan will be performing at the DC Comedy Loft this weekend, on November 9th and 10th.

A regular on the New York comedy scene, Filan has performed at Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, and at college campuses across the country. She also has a background as a writer, having co-written a TV pilot and taught creative writing classes at St. John’s University.

Unlike some comedians, Joanne Filan takes no issue with performing on college campuses (and she would love to see some students at this weekend’s show). Filan sees offending college students, or anyone else for that matter, as a non-issue due to the nature of her material. She told me in our interview that “nothing [she’s] ever writing or trying to say or do is in any way to belittle or, you know, take a negative aspect of anybody.” She prefersunique observational humor to the prolific political humor of our moment.

Filan describes seeing live comedy as “a totally different experience” from watching it at home. You can judge for yourself by catching her and fellow comedian John Poveromo this weekend only at the DC Comedy Loft.

You can find ticketshere.

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